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Our Services


We repair all iPhone models including :

Cracked Screens

Charging Ports


Custom Colors

Battery Replacements

All Buttons

Jail Breaking

And all other repair issues

ALL Smart Phones

We also fix and  repair all cellphone  models. Including cracked screens,  unlock for all different carriers. fix all problems.

Bring your samsung today for a free diagnose! 


Issues with your IPAD? No problem! We repair all ipads, crack screen and all other issues.

Our service is fast and very convenient for all our customers ! Book your appointment today! We are looking forward to helping you!


Computer issues? We repair all computers, Broken screens, Virus Removals and much more! We are here to help you with any questions you have!




NEED SOME EXTRA CASH?  We are here to pay you for any broken or new phones, any electronics, computers,tablets that you no longer have the use for. Feel free to stop by or contact us at anytime!

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